Pending Regulations

State Government Article §10-112.1 requires all proposed regulations be posted on an agencies' website within 3 days of the Maryland Register publication date.  


Proposed Regulations

Following consideration by the Board on March 28, 2018, the following proposed regulations were published in the Maryland Register on May 11, 2018:

  ​  Filing of Protest.

   A. (text unchanged)

   A-1.  An interested party may not protest:

         [(1) A contract for architectural services or engineering services;]

         [(2)} (1) - [(3)] (2) (text unchanged)

   A-2. -- C. (text unchanged)

21.10.03 Bid Protests Concerning Architectural Services and Engineering Services Contracts

   Repeal Regulations .01 through .03

Questions regarding this proposal may be directed to Gabriel Gnall, Procurement Advisor, at​