IAC Public School Construction

The Board of Public Works established the Interagency Committee on School Construction to administer the State's Public School Construction Program. Since its inception in 1971, the State has approved in excess of $2.2 billion for school construction projects in the 24 school systems throughout the State. 

The program's purpose is to:

  • provide local property tax relief;
  • relieve the subdivisions of the high costs of school construction;
  • address the considerable backlog of new construction, renovation, and replacement of schools;
  • even out the financial impact through the State assumption of these costs; and
  • equalize educational facilities and opportunities throughout the State.

In January the IAC presents to the Board of Public Works its preliminary recommendations and appeals are heard. In May, the IAC presents its final recommendations to the BPW for approval.  Subject to the BPW's approval, the Committee supervises and provides funding for public school construction projects.

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